Why Is 5G Technology The Next Big Disruption In The Tech Space?

5G phones is the next big disruptive innovation, not only for the telecom sector,
but potentially for many other sectors that depend on telecom – for example, 5G
Network which will make every device around us smarter. Imagine your Air
Conditioning learning your preferences, and automatically setting temperature
to your needs, or a smart home that optimizes the power consumption without
the need for you to switch off devices. All of this will be possible through the
analysis of data which the smart device will generate and most likely 5G will
enable transfer of this data to a cloud for further processing.

Now this data, will most likely be processed by a machine learning algorithm
sitting on the cloud – another upcoming technology –which will interpret the
data and make recommendations to control the smart device in real time to
make it smarter – again using 5G as the backbone. So the impact of 5G will not
only limit itself to telecom sector, but to every other sector which will use the 5G
as a backbone to transferring the data.

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