BEST STARTUPS AFTER THE LOCKDOWN : As for long the pandemic was a very negative issue for everybody, but also for the business, there are different things to be aware about what is going on to be the
positive and the negative aspects that this global situation will bring to all the startups a new business around the world.

Firstly, so many businesses have been forced to stop their activities, because well they couldn’t be working from home, or because their activity is B2B with a face to face contact with their client. Secondly, those companies who find the possibility to work from home, depending of their sector, if there weren`t the health industry they could
find a market completely empty because the other countries were in the same situation or worse than them.

Thirdly, the employers from some of these countries should be unemployment for a short period of time, or maybe they lose completely their job, so that was in front of a difficult situation in a professional and personal way. Finally, the startups, who supported these difficulty months were forced to be online more than ever, thinking that this can be possible maybe in a couple of years, but it was where the market had visibility and nowadays has more than ever.

For that reason, the future of all of these companies will be to work outsourcing in the case that they are located in some cheaper countries where the other companies with a bigger size of their business can think about to collaborate with companies overseas.

Therefore, nowadays after the lockdown is over in the majority of the countries the startups have started to run their business with some discounts in their products and services to call the attention from another bigger companies, and also clients, depending what it`s their company offers to them. In addition, the technology will be present in all of those business because it`s essential.

The most important reason is that the technology will be present in all the startups more than ever, because it`s how all the outsourcing will be connecting each other and also how the business with allow the opportunity to grow faster than others.


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