Vaccines for covid – 19

The ChDdOx1 Ncov-19 is actually the vaccine closer against this virus, with some test
made it by Otford University. Developed in Gran Brittany believes he could be ready
for September. With the in test with monkeys, scientist tint quite results positive.


The fills are not the most human-like animal. They plan more than 100 Million dose for
the end of the year, the researchers decided to take the monkeys to be sure that
human`s body didn`t develop antibodies to protect against it, then it will combine with
other parts of the virus to make a vaccine.


However, a vacancy at Oxford was the first in Europe in enter the human testing stage,
with, 1110 volunteers healthy recruited. Since that the technology is running and you
have been tested on other humans using ChAdOx1, these scientists train to adapt
quickly to the real pandemic and develop the necessary protocols for your clinical


More news about this vaccine in the link.

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