Travel and Tourism in Portugal, Here’s a Solution

Two months after Travel and Tourism in Portugal presented a solution with the Safe & Clean label, there is now the Safe Travel in portugal label, the first seal to have the worldwide guarantee for tourism companies.

Restaurants, airline hotels, among others within tourism, can already request the seal that bought that their respective location has the health and hygiene protocols requested, and that may be changing the conditions depending on the progress of the pandemic.

The main objective of the seal is that tourists recognize all over the world, which are the companies that have adopted the health and hygiene procol0.

Companies to obtain the new seal must have the conditions put by the health protocol. Once they have these conditions they will go to a page where they can download the stamp in question and use the hashtag Safe foreign tourist with Travel and Tourism in Portugal when they post on social networks.

“We have nearly 328,000 people working in the tourism industry today in over 132,000 companies. Can you imagine what all of us could do to change the mindset that some foreign countries have about us if all of us can make a small positive post with some pictures and nice comments about the country,” said the minister.

“We’ve achieved a lot and, of course, we need to improve too, we all know that, but we should stick together in these troubled times and publish some positive views and success stories for the future,” stressed Rita Marques in the webinar which attracted literally hundreds of participants from all segments of the tourism sector in Portugal.

“A lot of journalists based here working for Euro News, Sky News and CNN are making amazing testimonials about Portugal in which they have reported that all the rules are being followed in hotels, restaurants and on the beaches,” said the minister.

Another company provides a luggage delivery service from airport to destination and is now ensuring that luggage is disinfected by the time it arrives at the drop-off destination.

“Startups are important and they can adapt very rapidly to their environment according to market needs and are now working with tourists to ensure they feel safe against Covid-19,” he said.

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