The benefit of Vitamin D in front of Covid 19

Pandemic researchers have discovered a strong correlation between severe vitamin D,
where if people take the correct doses of this, this can avoid the effects of the
pandemic but in small quantities, this information was developed from some
researches from different countries.


The North-western University, the research team conducted from hospitals and clinical
around the world, discovered that the patience with lower level of vitamin D high level
of mortality rates from country to country.


At the same time, one of the researches explain the mysteries behind that the Covid
19 don`t affect children, being them the population less to die. At the same time, it`s
recommend don`t take excessive doses of Vitamin D, which might come with negative

effects, instead of that is necessary to know 100% the benefits to protect against


The data to get this information was collected from the world data and official
statements from public authorities. Also the age and the family income status also
correlated to high subjects with higher age and with low immune system.


For more details about the benefits that can have the vitamin D, you can visit this