Technology 5G

This year has been a very difficult for all the businesses, but also for the technological
sector, where the 5G was programming for this year with so many events around 2020
in different countries, without be done. There is different reason because this was not

Firstly, The Barcelona international meeting being the most important mobile meeting
in the world. Secondly, the starting of Apple with this new technology. Thirdly the new
step that our generation can do with this new device, Finally, the different positive
aspects that this new advance can bring for our generation. Although, this won’t be
possible to have that this year, for next year the different brands make sure that this
will be more possible than ever with a big event in Barcelona where this device can be
showing with all its qualities.

In addition, apple is waiting to put inside of its platform this device with his brand
description, like always all the devices of this brand following to see.

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