Startup Portugal launches platform to promote talent and encourage the use of the technological area

Startup Portugal created a new community project called Zero Gravity. This project was
created by the community of Portuguese entrepreneurs and technology companies to
promote the recruitment of national talent and with the ability to work remotely in an
international context, especially those who became unemployed during the pandemic
of COVID-19.

The remote working solution will be one of the ways for Portugal to safeguard its
companies and retain the highly qualified talent to operate from its entrepreneurial
ecosystem. It also has the vision of "safeguarding your companies and retaining highly
qualified talent that has operated from Portuguese cities".

The Zero Gravity project has the support of Startup Braga, AICEP, Le Wagon school,
the recruitment platform Landing.Jobs and the Startups Remote and Moviinn.

The association, which is responsible for operationalising the national strategy for
entrepreneurship, will compile data on professionals based in Portugal in order to
respond to the problem of unemployment among "the countless qualified professionals"
who have lost their jobs. These professionals will be promoted internationally to
companies that are recruiting. The initiative is free and free of charge for the
professionals who register.

Besides the partners who are already working on the project, Startup Portugal is
looking for other entities that want to join the initiative. The idea is for them to help in
the process of making the match between the professional and the company and in the
promotion of talent.

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