Spain points to July resumption of foreign tourism in safety

The Spanish Government estimates that only in July will the country be able to receive
foreign tourists safely again, due to Covid-19, which worries companies in the sector, who
fear being at a disadvantage in capturing reserves.


The vice-president of the Spanish executive Teresa Ribera, responsible for the gradual
return to the activity, considered today in an interview with the agency Efe that a premature
opening would be an “irresponsibility” that could put the Spanish population at risk.


According to this government official, the resumption of foreign tourism in Spain should
only be done in July under safe conditions.


“We have to be very careful to ensure that people who come are not at risk, because they
arrive at a safe destination, and at the same time that they are not a risk to the local
population,” he said, adding that the country wants “to work on origins and safe
destinations” and “thinking” about opening “more in July than in June”.


Teresa Ribera, who is also minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic
Challenge, explained that the arrival of foreign tourists “is likely to follow the same pace of
the deflationary process” , the last phase of which is scheduled for late June or early July.


In Spain, the sector does not want to be left behind in the race to win back tourism this
summer and has warned that competing destinations, such as Greece, Italy and Portugal,
already seem to be better placed.


With Greece’s beaches open and Portugal ready to do so, Spain is at a disadvantage in
attracting foreign tourist reserves.


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