Spain is getting ready to finish it`s lockdown

The Spanish Government has decided to finish it`s lockdown this Sunday 21, after 3
months of quarantine with different periods, until the completely open of the country.
However, the boarder will be open on July 1 together with Portugal. This is opposite,
for the decision taken for the majority of the European nations where they decided to
open since yesterday their boarder.

This is a very good news for the tourist sector, where it has been the most economic
affected sector. That means that since next Monday all people in Spain can travel
inside of its country, just waiting to July to open its borders inside of the continent.
However, the transoceanic trips should wait more time, because it`s quite sure that
those boarders will be open in September 1 and not before.

For now, the tourist sector can breathe more calm after this announcement, where
they are waiting to recover part of its industry this summer, where usually, it`s the
period where their season is high.

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