Our internet speed with this pandemic situation

When the pandemic started around the work, they way how people usually work and
how persons communicate with their friends and family changed, using the internet
nowadays more than ever.


As people have to contain the spread of the coronavirus, average internet spreads all
over the world have slowed. Some broadband providers are feeling crushed by the
heavy traffic.


Even the most tech savvy is affected. Some founders of networks said that in the
recent weeks, the DSL in so many places the internet dropped periodically. AT the
same time, .at the beginning of the pandemic, the internet for a couple of users also
became unbearably slow and suffered several outages. So the experts explained
what’s causing our internet problems and the different remedies.


Some of the reasons about why is this situation happens are:

1. How old the router is? Because is high recommend to change it when this one
is more than five years old.

2. Where is the location of the router? Naturally, that should be in a central
location of your house, where the signal can cover as many rooms as possible.
Also, it`s necessary to avoid placing the router near objects and materials that
cause interference, like large fish tanks and metal.

3. How big is the house? Buying the mesh network system can be useful to solve
the problem.


For more information about internet in the link.


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