New test known as “RT- PCR”

New test known as “RT- PCR” – There is a test with a high posibility to detect the Covid 19. This is about to get from ARN of the virus, a high precision of 100% of positive cases and the posibility to process until sixteen times more than the already existed test, using in all the world to detext the new virus called RT-PCR.

Arriving in this conclution, the specialist were worked in this new king of probe, being possible to proccess showing patients using equipments to detect another cases that can be converted in another stronger illness.

The artificial intelligence is the technology behind the capacity to process more test at the same time. The innovation should start to work at the hospitals in the beginning of June. Waiting that can be possible to try 24000 analyses per week.

The researchers based their study on a technique called localized surface plasmon resonance, which can detect interactions between molecules as a local increase in refractive index on the surface of a built metallic nanostructure.

The team used a laser to heat up the nanoparticles, New test known as “RT- PCR” making it more difficult to remain bound to imperfectly aligned fragments, reducing the false positives. For example, under these conditions, a nucleic acid “zipper” that is missing a few teeth — indicating a partial mismatch — would unzip. SARS-CoV-2 and its close relative, SARS-CoV-1 may be discriminated against by the researchers this way.

The new virus is rather infectious, and has spread exponentially worldwide. The disease was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Significance (PHEIC) by the WHO at a meeting on 30 January 2020 according to the International Health Regulations (IHR, 2005), as it had spread to 18 countries with four countries reporting human-to – human transmission. Another milestone occurred on 26 February 2020, As the first case of the disease was recorded in the United States (US), not imported from China.

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