IT Modernization Yields Business Benefits Even in Early Stages

In The State of Technology in the future, an IDG Research Services survey of
200 IT executives commissioned last December by Insight Enterprises’ Cloud +
Data Center Transformation team, respondents that had completed 25% or less
of their initial modernization objectives reported achieving business
improvements in each of the eight categories measured. 65% had already
achieved better quality of service. Significant progress had also been made in
improving customer experience/satisfaction (52%), cost savings (50%), uptime
(44%) and the ability to create new revenue-generating products and services

Organizations that had completed their initial Business for sale objectives
reported even better outcomes on all eight measures, notably including the
ability to extract business value from data (56%) and faster time to market for
new products and services (50%).

The findings clearly demonstrate that a modernized IT ecosystem is a core
building block of business transformation. Whether it’s spinning up a new
service or application quickly, doing a deep data dive to identify new market
opportunities or using artificial intelligence to improve sales forecasts or
warehouse operations, it’s essential to have the horsepower, agility and
advanced data analysis capabilities to do the job.

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