How entrepreneurs can join Europe’s growing training industry

How entrepreneurs can join Europe’s growing training industry : According to new IBISWorld figures, the business coaching market is projected at more than $15 billion in 2019, an rise of 5.6 per cent over the previous year. It just seems to be the tip of the iceberg, however. It is expected that the global e-learning industry, which primarily comprises online and digital training platforms, will achieve a  in 2025 the total value reached $325 billion.

This constantly growing market provides highly lucrative opportunities to make the right moves for those with the know-how. Ironically, several western European countries are in charge of the market. Western Europe is responsible for the inclusion of lions in the coaching market, according to the ICF Global Coaching Study 2016. About 35 percent of licensed coaches in Western Europe work in total, compared to just over 33 percent in North America. At the other hand, Eastern Europe ranks sixth, comprising about 8.4 per cent of the global coaching industry.


How entrepreneurs can join Europe's growing training industry

How entrepreneurs can join Europe’s growing training industry

Considering the large proportion of coaches from funded clients in Western Europe, much of the reason behind this market share is attributable. As it stands, a lot of people undergo training as part of their work, schooling or training. In general, Western European trainers estimated that about 60 per cent of their clients were paying by third parties, while that number fell in North America to just 50 per cent.

By 2020, the coaching industry is larger than ever and an growing number of businesses are turning to coaches specializing in various disciplines to help boost operations and step in the right direction-particularly now in a time of global crisis. Not only do junior and middle managers benefit from coaching, a growing number of businesses have started investing in executive coaching; Helping to build a more focused and committed leadership team, better positioned to achieve its goals.

But for many trainers and consultants, the B2C sector has become the main market. Such coaches are typically trained in a particular discipline including health , education, career, spirituality, personal growth and leadership, enabling firms and customers to properly employ a coach for virtually every aspect of modern living.


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