Great effort against of this Global Pandemic

Significant effort to counter this Global Pandemic

Great effort to fight this global pandemic : Beijing (China) is expected to see a drastic decrease in the number of new Cases of Covid-19 in a few days, as a result of its development efforts to eliminate the currents of transmission of the virus, opting for a much more effective strategy composed with the first outbreak, with a strong blocking tactic.

Pointing out four neighborhoods as high risk and thirty-nine as medium risk, to control the spread of the virus, in a city with more than 20 million inhabitants. People from wealthy medium neighborhoods can come and go but always subjected to temperature checks, high-risk people have totally blocked the exit.

Elsewhere, European leaders speak of an imminent “D-Day” when the epidemic would overtake the healthcare system and allude to war against an unknown enemy. Health care staff are at the front lines, scientists are the new leaders, policymakers are drawing up war plans, politicians are calling for mobilisation.

While the coronavirus pandemic in many critical respects is different from the war, it seems to require some of the same interventions that were used during that global emergency. From boosted development to rapid resource redeployment, expanded government regulation and stimulus measures to possible rationing, the fight against a virus in 2020 could push big nations to take up their war strides once again.

Indian effort’s against Covid-19 Pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday that the country’s timely and effective efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak have been appreciated worldwide, and the steps it has taken to date have set an example for the entire world.

The PM said this on the 40th day of the party ‘s founding, while addressing the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP). He noted that India was among those nations recognizing the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and taking prompt action to avoid spread of the viral outbreak.

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