Italys tourism pandemic nightmare

Italy, being one of the most visited countries in the world, receives around 62 million visitors
every year. In the face of the new coronavirus pandemic, the streets were empty,
monuments and shops were closed and hotels were left without guests.


In Venice, about 65% of the 260 thousand inhabitants work in the tourism sector. The city’s
mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, guarantees that tourists will be welcome “as in other historical


The Hotel Hassler in Rome usually has a high occupancy rate in April, May and June. About
85% and 100% of the hotel is occupied at this time. This year, it is closed and the occupancy
rate is 0%. The same happened with Hotel Via Veneto, which recognizes that “this has
turned into a nightmare”.


Italy reopens its borders on June 3, without decreeing mandatory quarantine for those
arriving in the country. To help the country’s economy, the Italian government has approved
a bonus of up to 500 euros per household to spend on holidays in the country.


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