Facebook defends actions on virus misinformation

Facebook defends actions on virus misinformation : The president of the social media wants to make sure that the information posted in the social media is being true and not misinformation.

He also said that Facebook had removed content from group claiming that the rollout of the 5G digital network was a cause of the spread of the virus and in some cases encouraged those who believed that to damage the networks physical infrastructure.

At the same time, the social media recently removed content from former broadcaster and conspiracy theorist David for “repeatedly violating our policies on harmful misinformation”.

The creator of the social media said that they work with independent fact checkers. Since the Covid outbreak, they have used 7.500 notices of misinformation which has led to them issuing 50 million warning labels on posts.

Facebook's Zuckerberg defends actions on virus misinformation ...

However, the social media creator was clear that unless there was the prospect of real imminent harm, then the company would and should allow what he called the “widest possible aperture” for freedom of expression on the internet.

Although Facebook is a public company worth, facebook defends actions on virus misinformation, it`s owner ultimately exerts total individual control thanks to an ownership structure that gives him a controlling interest even though he owns a small fraction of the shares.

Recently , Facebook became entangled in a global controversy in which hundreds of millions of data on its customers ended up in the hands of special interest groups like Cambridge Analytica.

But he said the social media giant, who also owns Whatsapp and Instagram, is now better prepared than other companies, and even governments, to avoid future attempts to influence political outcomes.

Mr Zuckerberg has defended his personal level of influence over perhaps the most influential advertising outlets in the world.

Although Facebook is a public company worth almost $700bn (£574bn), it ultimately exercises total individual control thanks to an ownership structure that gives it a controlling interest although it owns a small fraction of the shares.

“If it had been different then years ago we would have sold to Yahoo and who knows what would have happened then.”

Yahoo today is as good as Facebook’s 1/20th worth.

Facebook continues to face criticism over its inability to identify or characterize itself as a publisher and therefore accept the kind of editorial duty constitutionally binding on newspapers and mainstream broadcasters.

It would be impossible to argue, though, that Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram did not provide billions of people with the kind of interaction with friends and family that was necessary during this global pandemic, and the consequent constraints on travel and expression.

Nonetheless, after several years of uncertainty and challenges in court, it is obvious that Facebook and Mr Zuckerberg are more comfortable about their public positions.

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