European Lockdown

The choice of the locdown regime in Europe was very positive with
regard to the number of cases and deaths motivated by Covid-19. At
the beginning of May it was calculated that the lockdown prevented
3.1 million deaths in the European region. With the limited conditions
imposed on people and with social distancing, the number of people
infected by others who already had the disease fell significantly,
there was also a decrease in the spread of the virus in European

Data on covid-19 deaths in each of the European countries had an
estimate at the beginning of May of 12 to 15 million people, with the
lockdown option having been a much smaller number of 130,000
deaths. Staying at home and avoiding seeing family and friends has
had an effective time to reduce the transmission of the virus and
thus reduce the number of infected and deaths.
The data presented show that the blockades in Europe have been
very well known, with regard to people respecting social distancing
but also the results obtained.

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