Funding opportunities after this pandemic in UK

The crisis coming from this illness affected the ability to access investment, and the
majority of all the business nowadays have to unlock the investment for high potential
companies that will drive the future economy.


But the company still failed to raise quite as much money as it expected in March,
from investors taking advantage of the government`s existing enterprise investment


The key, for the business, is that companies need to have investors matching what the
government puts in: needing more effort, involved investors, and therefore having the
government Invest alongside those types of investors will mean that we’re finding the
right companies.


The £250m going into the fund is a relatively modest amount – the government’s
furlough scheme is costing £14bn a month. If all the applicants wanted the full £5m,
just fifty firms would be helped. Still, Kemi Badenoch says if demand proves high, then
the Treasury will see what more can be done.


Today has seen Rolls-Royce – for decades probably the UK's most important technology
business – announce thousands of job losses. If those jobs are to be replaced, then fast-growing                                                                                                                        firms in sectors from video games to life sciences may need to be helped through these challenging times.


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