Artificial Intelligence in Tourism

The tourist attractions start to function little by little, as the countries begin the
discomfort. Technology has been very important in terms of people’s safety,
such as control sensors and intelligence cameras.

In several countries sensors are used so that people can visit tourist sites, such
as museums. Each visitor rercept a sensor that applies to the neck, for when
the radius of approach between two people is inferios to two meters, the device
turns on a red light, emits sounds and vibrates so that people move away and
until they are not at a distance suitable for the disposal not for.Other of the
sensory methods that are used in tourism, are the panels that serve for the
locals to stay are the panels that serve for the places to be crowded, placed in
the entrances and exits, count in real time how many people enter and exit. This
device is like a semaphore that when this green light indicates that access is
free, yellow is when this warning that there may be a stocking in the place and
red means that it is forbidden to enter.

There are technical vairios developed along this discomfort, in some countries
with installation of a chamber with artificial intelligence, capable of identifying
number of people. Another of the novelties is in Miami with the opening of
aeoroportos, inserted cameras in the ceiling that can measure the distance
between people.

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